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skinny waist huge boobs
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I'd rather have boobs and get my clothes tailored than not have boobs. It's really easy to say the grass is greener, but you just need to think about looking the best for your body and constantly think about who you are. It's important to highlight your waist so there isn't an optical illusion that your stomach is as as big as your breasts are. I put snaps in button down shirts so they don't pucker, or add fabric. I'm way more confident than I used to be so a little accidental cleavage spill doesn't bother me at all. But learning to accept your body is a process and it involves developing a strong sense of personal style.

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Lisa. Age: 24.
skinny waist huge boobs

A lot of clients shoot B cups and usually my boobs look a little too much when you put me in one of those extreme padded push up bras.

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Mariyah. Age: 28.
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26 Struggles You'll Only Relate To If You're Petite And Have Big Boobs

But when you're curvy, you really have to understand your body and what looks good in it. Instead, I tuck in my tops or belt dresses to indicate that I actually do have a waist under all that fabric. One time I purchased a leather Alexander Wang dress in a size 10 my waist is a 10, my bust is a size 12 , and the dress wouldn't zip at all. When you're thin, things hang and you can get away with a lot more. I've definitely had huge body insecurities, though.

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