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broke straight guys tumblr
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Mommy Dearest by BeyondtheKilljoy. However, when the project forces him to get closer to Hale than he would even imagine possible, he learns new things about the Hale family and maybe begins to see Hale in a different light. Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. He has other problems, problems he needs to keep secret. As Stiles leaves for college, he must hide who he really is and then he meets his roommate and likes him … a lot only there is no chance for him to fill the needs that Stiles has as an Omega. Silence is Loudest by codarra.

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Bridget. Age: 25.
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It was fine, really, it was up until the point where Coach assigned the baby project.

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Madeline. Age: 23.
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broke straight guys

Then he also finds his Alpha, Derek Hale of course and they all struggle to find their way and learning more about the special aspects of being an Omega and trying to have a unique relationship that will never be typical especially with Stiles, pushing and bossy Stiles as the Omega. No longer was the student body talking about where the students were going on vacation, or lack thereof for the more middle-class populace. And luckily, Stiles kissed him back. The buzz in the school changed over the week, once Derek started paying attention to it. Stiles and Derek should be together, and in fact they would be if the two of them would stop it with their denial and just get on with it already.

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