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You slowly turn back to him, forcing the gathered lump in your throat to slip down. From exhaustion, your body falls to the desk, pressing your stomach to the cool wood and his body hovering over you, feeling his breath against the back of your neck, trickling the short hair. You heart drops, seeing him walk around his desk to approach you. You close the door behind you, trapping you both in the silent room and place the receipt on the table. You moan loudly with panting, massaging your breasts with his hands and pressing them together. Your body shudders with one touch as he licks his lips with satisfaction as his eyes shut, thinking of the taste.

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The kiss is quickly interrupted with grunts, moans and hard breathing.

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Virginia. Age: 23.
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Without a question, you slowly lean back, forcing his hand to higher. He leans against you with his hands around your hips and the other around his hard dick to rub against the back of your thighs and up your ass. He takes a hold of your jaw, forcing your mouth open as he takes a glance. Your stomach drops and rises with thick pants, tightening your legs around him. You let your feet rest to his hips as you reach down to spread yourself for him. You slowly lean back, offended by his demanding tone. You heart drops, seeing him walk around his desk to approach you.

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