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A police officer was present in the room during the exam. Felisha said that the police who brought her to the hospital for testing did not have a court order; instead, they gave the doctor verbal instructions. The results are handed over to the police and have been used as a key element in prosecutions. An officer asked to see his phone and found intimate photos of Hamed and his male partner. The man subjected to the examination reported that he was convicted in a mass trial with some 20 other men, most or all of whom were also subjected to anal exams, the results of which were used in securing convictions in court. The result of an HIV test has no bearing on whether or not someone has engaged in consensual same-sex conduct. As he described his experience:.

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As of June , Nkom had not received any further information as to what had been done, if anything, to address the complaints.

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In the cases we documented in Cameroon, anal examinations appeared to be largely conducted at the whim of police or gendarmes who were conducting preliminary investigations. Adam Frankel, coordinator in the LGBT rights program; Olivia Hunter, publications associate; and Fitzroy Hepkins, administrative manager, provided production assistance. Defense counsel called another doctor as witness, to challenge the reliability of anal examinations. First the doctor touched me with his fingers and then he inserted a tube. I was feeling very bad, it's a bad experience.

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