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She never mentioned the incident and neither did I. He wants to have a talk tonight and he even wanted to take the door off of my room because I was masturbating. One of the colors was white. When she did she was dripping down her leg. I think this conversation, and the laughs we had and the level of comfort I developed discussing it all, was integral to my realizing that masturbation and sex are integral parts of life, to be openly and productively discussed when appropriate. As soon as I noticed her, out of nervousness, I shot my load all over the laptop screen.

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The first morning, I woke up in my unfamiliar surroundings, but with that familiar urge.

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I heard someone come up stairs so I quit. There was no way to hide what I was doing because my pants were off of one leg and my legs were spread wide apart. Please advice on what to do. My moans got louder, then without warning the light went on in the kitchen just as I started to climax. She either wanted to talk about it or gauge if it was OK or whatever. It turns out my brother heard me wacking my arm against the wall while I was doing my thang.

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