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You've got to learn what you like and figure yourself out before someone else can. If you think you're the only one of your friends who has done it, you're probably not. I think because I felt like it was a 'dirty' thing to do — even though the reason I was trying it in the first place was to familiarize myself with my body while I'm alone so I'd be comfortable and know my body when I was with my boyfriend as our relationship got more serious. I like to fantasize about guys when I'm doing it and I let the faucet do all the work. I used to be really ashamed about it, though. However, now that I'm entering college and defining who I am, I am realizing that it isn't something I should be ashamed of. I masturbate anytime I really feel the need to.

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Farrah. Age: 21.
teen first masturbation

I switched the water power setting to a soft little stream.

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Tara. Age: 22.
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18 Girls Get Real About Masturbating

It's nice to be able to take pleasure into your own hands I have to have visuals, so I watch porn. Growing up in a Christian community keeps me from talking so openly about it to my family, but my friends and I speak about it openly in our small circle. It's hard for me to just imagine stuff. I instinctively knew it was something I needed to keep to myself, but I apparently didn't do a very good job because about a week or so later, my mom came to talk to me about it LOL. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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