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He remembered reading a specific series of articles and posts, surrounding couples with more than two people involved. It was mostly harmless, only because he knew it would never happen and you were off limits. Bucky had spent hours pouring over article after article, think pieces, blog posts, whatever he could find because he had discovered, people like him were normal. In his mind, a relationship is two people. You look confused and Steve knows you have every right to be.

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He remembers that mission, why was Steve bringing it up no—.

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Lara. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You legitimately meant it or at least thought there was some truth behind it. He stares and then he laughs, his face falling to the crook of your neck, his beard scratching your smooth skin softly. This story is not focused on sex, but there will be smut. In his mind, a relationship is two people. He looks up at you, feeling stupid.

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