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Lacing and pulling the laces through one islet after another, so maintaining a constant tension and thus ensuring a super tight fit and then finishing it off by bowing them securely in the nape of the neck. Then all of a sudden an intense pain surged through the males prostate, balls, cock and loins. Those male losses being replaced with female attributes, an enhanced gender change achieved at an accelerated rate. Then when I turn the lights off and lock you in, you will lie still. As Jane continued to sort the books on the lower shelves Anne was almost standing over her.

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He stood on a slightly raised circular steel plate his penis limp, he balless.

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Sissy Stories by Deborah Jennings

That night Dominatrix Anne informed her male slave that he had an appointment at the local G. Dominatrix Susan once happy that the girlys liquid immersion had been completely absorbed barked out her orders. When the sissy slave eventually came round from his chloroform induced state he found himself waking to the busy morning bustle of a windowless dormitory. The girlys were served their meal, which was basically the same hormone laden, dietary, liquid meal that they had had for breakfast and lunch, and this on their very first day imprisoned and fast tracked as they were at this Female Supremacist Party Transformation and Feminization Academy. Once all were masked the sixteen identically faced dolls faced each other and stood in line to rigid attention. But the most demeaning feminine enhancement they wore was that of their glued on silicon breasts.

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