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Yes you will always get your haters when the sequel isn't as good as the original, but lets face it nothing is. Which opens up every episode to be a new and different experience you didn't expect. Remember, it's about quality, not quantity. The show is good and mostly very informative and entertaining HOWEVER: I really think the profanity you use, liberally, demeans your actors and detracts from a professional overall presentation. Their on-screen chemistry holds up, cheesy jokes and all, and when they do do stunts, those stunts are pretty impressive. The show is clearly not myth-busters 2. I know what I am talking about and loved Mythbusters because so did they, but this show is like Mythbusters crossed with a tabloid and a reality TV show.

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kari byron cleavage

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Kari, Grant and Tory are fun to watch and very entertaining. Tori, Grant and Kari are all still highly entertaining to watch. So hopefully it'll do well enough to get more episodes ordered. Once i started viewing it for what it was, an entertaining way to learn some science and history, i loved it! Well I guess if this show is set for a season 2 it really needs to pick up it's game. This is the show a 8 to 16 year old could watch but for most other people is is dull. Until a few episodes in and the pace is picked up, graphics and angles get more familiar and the team seems to get back into their groove.

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