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Whether it's steamy girl-on-girl action or a hot college coed pleasuring herself, this show's got it all! Girl-on-girl action has never looked finer. Well, luckily for us, our GGW cameraman was invited to hang out with four sexy bartenders after everyone else left! She likes to get naked, put lotion on and touch herself. As Chelsea plies Tia with questions, the interview quickly turns to questions of sexual experience.

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Watch the innocent, playful fun leading all the way up to the climactic finish!

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Lauderdale climbs aboard the Girls Gone Wild Bus in her smallest bikini, which she quickly takes off to show us why she loves her boobs. Needless to say, Chelsea passes the first audition and advances on to an 'interview' situation with the gorgeous Tia, The two couldn't be more different! She gets so excited that she ends up getting herself off right in front of us. She surprises herself and our cameras with how far she'll go for a tank top and a pair of booty shorts. Watch her shower inside a water fountain in the middle of the night and flash a couple of horny EMTs for good measure.

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