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Oh, it can also hang from a sex swing stand too! The swing comes with a stretches guide and detailed setup instructions. For extra stability it comes with foot straps that let the rider keep their balance in the air. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Fully suspended ceiling Setup.

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This works like sensory depravation and increases the intensity of the sensations and pleasures.

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Getting Into The Swing of Things: The Best Sex Swings and How To Use Them

When you're suspended in the air, your partner can pull, push, and spin your body with a tenth of the effort it takes on a bed. Sex Swing Accessories and Parts. If you have a swing you can go in all directions not just back and forth. Try getting on a ladder and knocking your ceiling at different points until you find the area which sounds least hollow. Yoga sex swing - these are meant for yoga but can easily be used for every sex swing position. If you want to see my own pictures and further details, I wrote a full review of the Bondage Boutique Sex Swing Kit here.

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