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I'm starting to wonder if most of the readers of "Shonen" manga are girls. This will be over in a flash. It originated on these forums, and is chiefly propagated on these forums. From: GrayArchon SimonGreedwell posted Keep me logged in on this device. One Piece in particular has some fantastically drawn doujin as well. Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure the author of Black Lagoon has also done doujins of the series under a pseudonym.

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Jordyn. Age: 21.
doujins one piece

Medaka Box has one good one featuring Ajimu.

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Laney. Age: 23.
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The last time I checked, there's a rumour that says that Nintendo routinely combs the Internet in search of NWS material based on its properties. Soul Eater has nothing good. I've seen ONE entire Beelzebub doujin and a good one at that, at least. The Big 3 don't have many H-doujins, either, outside of Yaoi ones. Forgot your username or password?

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