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My lover, still vigilant with appetite, commanded me again. Once inside me, he pumped slowly and powerfully. Posts Likes Following Archive. A physical power took shape in my pelvis, focusing outward, into his ass. As soon as I had rolled onto my stomach, he pulled me up onto my knees.

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To disarm him, with my other hand I stroked his brow and cheek as tenderly as a mother, and then found the opening and pushed in.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What hygiene tips should I follow for first time anal fingering? His face gave off soft showers of light, and his voice escaped from deep inside him, high-pitched and helpless. He pushed his fingers into the slippery opening and stroked rhythmically. How do I graduate from anal fingering to anal sex? He came in moments, arching and straightening his back as his hot ejaculate rushed into me. He gave a little yelp of fear and pleasure and squeezed his hole tight against my entrance.

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