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I took a deep breath and just went for it, typing up to 8, words a day. In the s and the s, among other decades. Which meant, in effect, that I was barred from writing fiction. Yesterday, a survey about the reading habits of 2, women aged between 45 and 60 reveals that nearly two thirds are keen on raunchy scenes in novels. When I put a sample chapter of my debut novel One Apple Tasted online, a friend advised me to take it down. But there were reasons for their behaviour, deeply rooted in who they were and how they thought and the mores of the time in which the scenes are set.

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Ariadne. Age: 20.
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Writing about it is a terrific risk.

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Riley. Age: 27.
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Spoilt and indulged, he has no idea of what women are thinking or feeling and is as hormone-driven and indiscriminate as young men I knew. In a time when we are meant to have sex all day, every day, drawing on tips from magazines and newspapers to "spice things up in the bedroom", virginity, chastity and celibacy seem thoroughly controversial life choices. Not "good in bed", not able to write realistic scenes. I sometimes try to work out what market force is driving this sickly dumbing down of Eros, this bossy and unattractive blunting of his exquisitely painful arrow with a nubbly rubber sucker. Perhaps I sensed the undertow that informed their marriage, and writing about earlier generations has been my way of trying to work it out. If it makes us feel sexy as well, then that is all to the good. The prim and proper s seemed to reset the sexual clock back to Edwardian double standards, and wartime liberality in the face of imminent death was quickly shuffled back under the carpet.

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