Orc and elf comic

orc and elf comic
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Holy Diver spread original ink. So I took to facebook and they went with the pink option. Now you can fill each layer with whatever fill you want. I have many, many pages like this in my sketchbooks from high school: random characters with no larger story attached to them. Those those silly creatures never made the final elf drawing, and I ended up winging the composition for that one. Put a layer mask on both of your line art layers Below I am sharing one of the two, new stories never before on the web!

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Aisha. Age: 32.
orc and elf comic

Otherwise, it will be impossible to line the two sets of line art up.

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Hazel. Age: 31.
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Half the Elf, Double the Fun

I have found red ink — as opposed to magenta ink — adjusts best. I am using a goofy doodle to demo this. I even added in some statues that appear in my Microcosmics universe, so I suppose I need to fold her into the canon of that series, now. Make sure you click the "monochrome" box at the bottom of the palette. I am creating this post to help anyone else looking to speed along their own coloring process.

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