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Slave 45 was thirsty — really thirsty. The next morning they leapt in like lionesses hunting for meat, as some poor prisoner received the benefit of their deft fingerings and strokings, and they licked their lips in glee as they saw the liquids slosh about in the transparent perspex bowl above his head. You will be drained, the way we drained you of your money, now we drain you of your semen, soon to drain you of your soul!! His flesh was almost as milky white as his spunk. Warden Varozha could instantly tell when the slave was hovering on the borderlands of thirst and unconsciousness. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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She strode over to the nearest and stood right up against him so that he could not help but breathe in the fragrance of her erotic excitement.

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Varozha loved to hear his gurgling as the minimal liquid sought to quench his thirst. They had both been dying to try out all the apparatus but had to go through at least two days training before being set loose on their living prey. They would have worked night-shifts too, if they had been offered. The Milking Machine 6 Slave 45 was thirsty — really thirsty. Notify me of new posts via email. Month after month, no matter whatever […] Like Like. The weary older girls just looked on with an air of indifference, wondering how long it would be until they bored of the endless repetitive milking, day in, day out.

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