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princess rarity
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You can help by adding to it. Retrieved March 27, — via Twitter. Characters My Little Pony s animated characters. Her character, summarized as "a frenetic sugar rush", [30] was inspired by the "G1" pegasus toy Surprise. Everfree Northwest Meet the Storyboardists. After arguing over how to best memorialize it, they use the Tree's broken pieces to build a small treehouse, and the Tree's magic transforms it into a grand treehouse at the center of the Castle of the Two Sisters' ruins.

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princess rarity

He gets to be the not-always-reliable ally instead of the known enemy".

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Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Princess Luna, Vice Principal Luna, Cup Cake

Gotta leave you with some things to debate! The Royal Family are the highest-ranking ponies in the Equestrian nation. Twilight is depicted in the first three seasons as a purple unicorn with a pink-streaked indigo mane, and as a winged unicorn called an "alicorn" after the season three finale "Magical Mystery Cure". Dragons are a species of apex predators generally depicted as nomadic, selfish and reclusive creatures; their level of greed determines their physical size, power, lifespan, and territory. Pinkie Pie fully named Pinkamena Diane Pie is a pink earth pony based on the "G3" toy of the same name.

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