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Frankly, using your non-dominant hand to click around is pretty risky, as if you screw up a click, you could wind up in some weird place that you can never unsee. Whose to say they didn't though, you know? Deciding whether he's going to navigate his computer with his dominant hand or masturbate with his dominant hand. Although it is awkward to watch cute animal videos after masturbating. What does the title "Sex gymnast gets gold fucking medal" even mean? Wondering what just happened.

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Kaelyn. Age: 30.
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Some guys use lotion if it's around, but once you start the Boner Train, there's no stopping it until it gets into the station the station is Orgasm City, population: that guy.

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Ciara. Age: 24.
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11 Things Guys Do When They Masturbate

Channel surfing for porn just like he would if he was watching TV. Wondering what just happened. Most guys go with their hands, I think, but honestly, I don't think a scientific study has ever been done. Whose to say they didn't though, you know? It's kind of like waking up from a dream in the sense that you can't quite remember exactly what you were watching or why it was arousing in the first place. Also, anyone who moves to a log cabin in the woods does it specifically to jerk off to loud porn.

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