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This is quite literally what it means to build muscle. Following a strength and conditioning regimen consistently coupled with a lean diet will help decrease body fat and maintain muscle, two crucial elements for looking lean and fit as hell. This was totally me 5 years ago! When we push, pull, lift, or carry with resistance, we are creating microtrauma to the muscle. Again, these athletes work very hard to put on this muscle to achieve their goals. Before you immediately dive into classifying yourself as a meso, I want you to understand some things about muscle mass first to avoid misinformation.

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Even with that extra testosterone, it takes weeks and sometimes months for most men to put on even one pound of muscle.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So get out there, lift some heavy shit, eat with intention, and know that by doing this, you are educating and empowering everyone in your circle to do the same. However, if you believe that lifting negates the entire box of donuts you had this morning, well then, you will bulk. Muscle gives us a fit, lean look especially when eating a fit, lean diet. Some of this mass will be muscle, some of this mass will be fat. She trains clients online, one-on-one, and in groups from her home in Orlando, FL. So what do you think happens to the microtears in your muscles post-lifting session? The kitchen is likely the culprit, not the barbell.

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